Our Clients continued:

With assistance in creating a realistic plan for independence and stable living as well as provision of education and support to help chart a new course for themselves and their children, over 80 women have moved on to homes of their own – NEED STAT FROM CINDY, employment in a living wage job and gained a new sense of self respect. The project has provided members of the congregation, located in a suburb, with an awareness of the needs of people in the inner city . Furthermore, the relationship with the shelter has been an avenue for congregants to pursue the mission of tikkun olam: perfecting God’s world through the pursuit of justice, and improved understanding between our neighbors and ourselves

Families seeking assistance are typically at a crisis stage, and they require the compassionate care and support of our case management team develop a plan to prevent and overcome homelessness and Families seeking assistance at the emergency shelter are typically at a crisis stage, and require the compassionate care and support of their case management team.

At Contact Ministries, we provide families devastated by homelessness the tools and resources needed to become an independent family again.  With this goal in mind, Contact Ministries’ experienced case managers work with each family to develop a plan to help them address the underlying issues of their homelessness.

 When families are stabilized and ready to leave the emergency shelter facility, services continue through the Follow-up Case Management program – I don’t know what it is really called – or whether or not this is available?

Contact Ministries offers service programs based on trauma-informed care models designed to serve homeless mothers and their children and help break through the cycle of trauma and homelessness.  Homelessness is a traumatic experience for anyone, but especially for young children who experience it for any length of time.  Many young mothers experiencing homelessness have also experienced trauma either in their own childhoods or more recently.  Contact Ministries works in collaboration with many local agencies in an effort provide safe and stable environments for single women and women with children experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Having a stable home benefits a child for a lifetime.  When families experience homelessness and housing instability, children suffer the most. They face a significantly higher risk of chronic or unaddressed health and developmental issues than their peers. Those issues can affect their education and employment opportunities and, ultimately, their success in the present day and throughout their lifetime.